Men are looking for life, confidence, challenge, accomplishment, as well as love from women they are attracted to. But 21st century men have been predominantly raised by women and are lost in finding the model for masculinity that their soul needs.

    Do any of these issues sound familiar?

    • Putting other’s needs ahead of your own
    • Not speaking up when you know you should have
    • Procrastination
    • Desperate to avoid conflict
    • Lacking confidence to comfortably talk with attractive women
    • Overthinking
    • Lack of ability to create boundaries

    These are just a few of the results of a lifetime of influence from our Western culture, and classic “Nice Guy” issues. The good news is that shifts in mindset and emotional healing can bring dramatic changes. You can feel fully alive and re-discover your mojo.

      My name is Mark Edward Davis. I’m a World Series of Poker alum. I’m a pastor’s kid. I’m a guitar player. A fitness junkie. A non-profit founder. A former “Nice Guy”. A speaker. A bullied child. A counselor. A widower. An author. I’m a leading voice and advocate for men as well as a certified NMMNG coach.

      There isn’t one thing that defines me… except that I’m a man who has figured out what his passion in life is, and how to live it. I’m here to bring men’s hearts to life and inspire greatness in others. I firmly believe that we are designed for more than we give ourselves credit for and that each person on this planet – including YOU – has a purpose and a greatness inside them.

      The coaching process is liberating and freeing. Most clients feel their issues resolved and completely re-set in less than 2 months, unlike other programs that can keep men in ‘counseling’ for years.

        I invite you to a have a FREE introduction session so we can learn more about your personal goals. Book your call now and discover if the Authentic Man Coaching system is a fit for you.

        Mark Edward Davis

        Mark is a certified NMMNG coach and personal friend of Dr. Robert Glover. He has been coaching men for two decades. He’s also the owner of Dream Connections International, a marriage focused matchmaking business that has created nearly 400 marriages with men and women from 26 countries with less than 5% divorce since 2011.

        Client Testimonials

        I think that Mark Edward Davis provides you with the best opportunity for success in casting off the mantle of a Nice Guy. … Mark provides a level of service and genuine interest in your success that no one else can touch..

        Johnny Williams

        When I discovered Mark on the web, I was skeptical at first. But after my first counseling session with him, I knew that I’d found the right coach to help me with my Nice Guy issues!


        Before I met Mark, I was just treading water in life…unable to make moves anywhere. He helped me understand that I was suffering from Nice Guy Syndrome and not taking my onw needs into account.

        Since I started working with Mark, I’ve been promoted at work and I’ve gotten more dates in 2 months than I did in the last 2 years! I just started a relationship with someone special and I’m thinking she might be “The One”. Thank you for everything Mark!

        A. P. – Woodbridge, VA